On the upcoming third release from Los Angeles’ Big Air, Rob Dobson & company combine elements of garage, psych, and surf with slacker guitar rock tendencies and a 90s indie rock sensibility. Juxtapose all that with an astute, acerbic, acid-casualty lyricism that leans equally on science fiction and social friction, and you’ve got Inner Facing, Outer Spacing.

Initially a Virginia-based garage punk duo, Big Air has evolved over the years and is now a power trio with a bigger bag of tricks. The 2014 debut, the self-released Buds EP, was hailed by Pitchfork as “an infectious pop punk record,” while the psychedelic tape experimentations of 2015’s Don’t Care were lauded by Stereogum as “the kind of high-energy garage rock that makes them easy to like and hard not to listen to on repeat.”