“[Mr. Mind Control] is a ferocious and fiery near 4-minutes, Dobson swallowing you whole in a world of twisting psychedelic instrumentals and bravado. The song builds to its bite with each passing second, taking on attitude and direction from Dobson’s vocals that are seemingly piled with conviction and force. Energized guitar, teetering keys and blistering percussion all make for an all too brief tour-de-force of pure, unadulterated rock and roll.” – Lauren RearickThe Grey Estates

“A chaotic mass of swirling guitars, scorched vocals and throbbing tension… the kind of racket that manages to feel relentlessly imposing and in-your-face while still feeling momentous and sprawling.” – Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint

“LA’s Big Air make the kind of high-energy garage rock that makes them easy to like and hard not to listen to on repeat.” – James RettigStereogum

“Their vocals smack of Mac McCaughan, their guitars recall J Mascis or Milk Music… their self-released tape Buds is an infectious pop punk record by a pair of dudes with some serious chops.“ – Evan MinskerPitchfork

“It’s hard not to be floored by just how good this band is directly out of the gate… a hard-charging blast of whip-smart lyrics and off-kilter indie punk that teems with powerpop sensibilities… there’s no shortage of the kind of vibrant energy that allows people to feel truly alive.“ – Steven SpoerlHeartbreaking Bravery